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Colle Stelle was born in June 2016 by the dream of Davide and Domenica Carrara and is located in the middle of a region that has great olive oil tradition. Loreto Aprutino, together with the municipalities of Moscufo and Pianella, is part of the so-called Pescara Province Golden Triangle of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The estate includes 15 hectares of hilly land, of which 5 are home of around 1,000 olive trees, between 70 and 150 years old. The most important cultivars are Dritta di Loreto, native of the area and Leccino. In lower percentages, there are also olive trees of Frantoio, Intosso and Pendolino cultivars.



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Since March 2017, the farm has been undergoing organic conversion with CCPB as Certification Board Panel. Part of the oil produced, is certified DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) by the Aprutino Pescarese Extra Virgin Olive Oil Consortium.


The Carrara family personally follows each step of the entire agricultural and production process of the extra virgin olive oil, with the aid of an agronomist specializing in organic olive farming and a few young local farmers.

The season start in the fields with a tailored pruning and fertilization of the olive trees. At the beginning of the summer, to protect the olives from the olive fly, the trees are sprayed with water and kaolin, a white clay. The candid patina, covering leaves and fruits, prevent the fly to identify the olives and damage them. Furthermore, during the hottest and driest periods of the summer, the kaolin helps to limit the transpiration from the olive trees preventing drought stress phenomena.
Between October and November, the harvest is carried out at the most appropriate time, according with the type of cultivar and the degree of ripeness of the olives. A non-invasive mechanical equipment is used to avoid any damage of the trees and its fruits.


Within very few hours from the harvest, the olives are brought to the awarded winning Hermes Oil Mill located in Penne, which uses a continuous cold extraction method, to ensure the enhancement of all the flavors and aromas typical of the extra virgin olive oil. After being extracted, the oil is filtered and kept in oxygen-free environment steel containers, thus preventing any premature aging and oxidation that would compromise its high quality.